Commercial Pilot Licence

Let's get serious... Complete your CPL and you can start getting paid to fly!

About the Licence

15 or 25 Hours

Flight Time


Cost (15 hour course - P28A and P28U)

3 or 4 Weeks

Average Course Length


Cost (25 hour course - P28A and P28U)

The Course

The Commercial Pilot Licence (Aeroplane) training course is a minimum of:

  • 25 hours flying training, of which:

    • 10 hours must be under instrument conditions

      • IR holders are exempt from these 10 hours - see below​

  • Skills test


The CPL(A) allows the holder to:

  1. Exercise all privileges of a PPL holder

  2. Act as PIC or co-pilot of any aircraft operations other than commercial air transport

  3. Act as PIC in commercial air transport of any single pilot aircraft

  4. Act as co-pilot in commercial air transport operations

This means that you can earn money from flying.



The CPL must be paid for as a package. The package includes everything listed in "The Course" above, including all landing and approach fees.

The only additional cost is the examiner fee, which is paid directly to the UK CAA. This costs (at the time of writing) £850.


There are a number of pre-requisites to start the CPL(A) course:

  • PPL

  • Class 1 medical

  • Have completed the ATPL theoretical examinations

  • Hold a valid SEP class rating

  • Have 150 hours total time


There are a number of requirements that must be met for the licence to be issued:

  • 200 hours total time, which must include:

    • 20 hours cross country time as PIC

    • 10 hours instrument flight time (dual or PIC)

  • A VFR cross country flight of 300NM or more, stopping at two intermediate aerodromes

  • A night rating


Course Credits

The CPL course can be reduced by 10 hours for holders of an instrument rating onlyThis does not include the IR(R).

This means that you can benefit from a 15 hour course, which is described above.